Avenue Imperial

The world's leading creator of indoor Virtual Tours
Jimmy Choo Fashion WeekVR-Legend Tom Mills in action with the Avenue Imperial rig at the Jimmy Choo Fashion Week showroom in Milan, February 2014

Accurate indoor positioning, beautiful photography, and fast turn-around times are the critical components of the Avenue Imperial project. We spent years prior to launch on perfecting our methods for indoor virtual tour acquisition to meet the standards needed for luxury fashion photography. In addition, we need to be able to shoot and update indoor virtual tours frequently as the physical spaces we’re shooting change constantly. As such, our proprietary VR creation hardware and software is unrivalled in the virtual tour industry.

We use custom-built high-end photographic and laser measurement equipment, allowing us to create high-definition, accurate virtual replications of any indoor space in a time-efficient and scalable manner. To give an idea of timings involved, we shoot around 2500 square feet of space per hour and the turn-around time for an Avenue Imperial virtual tour from completion of shooting until the tour is live and online is under twelve hours. This compares to the industry standard of closer to two weeks!

We have the ability to map locations in real time and we use a state of the art robotic panoramic head to shoot in all directions, producing multiple exposures for perfect renditions throughout the complete 360 degree scene.

The front-end UX has been optimized for mobile and we are developing cutting edge solutions for VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift.

Avenue Imperial is pleased to offer our clients unique user statistics on popular products and panoramas within a tour, thus empowering your business to take advantage of data and user engagement analytics that cannot be quantified in the real world experience.