The world's first Virtual Reality Shopping platform

We make beautiful and iconic
physical spaces shoppable online
Karen MillenMike Shearwood, CEO Karen Millen, on the Avenue Imperial project

We're really excited about the potential for new technology to create a highly engaging, differentiated client experience and Shop Knightsbridge is the perfect example of that... this is an exciting evolution of our flagship strategy.

Creating Virtual Reality Shopping environments

We partner with the most iconic and exceptional businesses (from independents to global companies), and the most compelling brands in the world. As designers and retailers continue to come to terms with the gaps between their bricks and mortar and their online experiences,

Avenue Imperial serves to address that gap by bringing the authenticity and core DNA of a business online. We strengthen brand equity by inviting consumers more intimately into a client's world, communicating to customers beyond immediate (geographical) reach in a way that is truly authentic to our clients' brand vision and environment - driving traffic both online and offline.

Our indoor virtual reality shopping tours provide unrivalled image quality together with intuitive and simple navigation

We spent over 18 months prior to our 2014 launch building our proprietary virtual tour hardware and software system that allows for fully accurate indoor positioning.

We provide record turnaround times for indoor virtual tours as our system allows tours to build themselves WHILE the photographer is still shooting, allowing turnaround time from shooting to live, online and shoppable in under 12 hours (versus the industry standard of 2 weeks for standard virtual tours with no added features)

Interactive features for Virtual Reality Shopping
  • SnapShot (patent pending)
  • Social sharing
  • E-commerce integration
  • Embedded videos
Jimmy ChooPierre Denis, CEO Jimmy Choo, on the Avenue Imperial project

A virtual showroom is the perfect way to give people an interactive preview and the opportunity to pre-order their favourites to avoid disappointments. The virtual showroom will enhance our multi-channel offering by allowing customers all over the world to get the magic of the Jimmy Choo experience online.

The three methods of Virtual Reality Shopping

Shoppers interact in real-time with your shop assistants via our patent pending SnapShot function

Customers access your existing online shopping offering through our onscreen e-commerce panel

Shoppers browse the virtual store and access additional info and pricing via invisible product hotspots

Your global Virtual Reality Shopping experts

Avenue Imperial is a London-based start-up founded in 2013 by former derivatives trader Nicolas Rossi. Teaming up with tech-industry veteran Julian Charles Ball, world record-holding panoramic photographer and programmer Tom Mills, and fashionista Erika Loch,

Avenue Imperial has since worked successfully with some of the world's biggest brands and London's coolest Independents to take the online virtual reality shopping experience to the next level

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